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    The MedComms Workbook Linkedin Group is exclusively for Freelancers who are signed up to the MedComms Workbook email list.

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    MedComms Networking is a global initiative that facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities. Why not sign up to our weekly newsletter and please, help spread the word amongst all relevant others.

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    The MedComms Workbook helps MedComms freelancers work smarter and helps clients find specialist medical communications, education and publishing freelance support.

    Freelancers - SUBSCRIBE HERE

    NOTE there is a modest annual charge for Freelancers to subscribe to this specialist service. If you have any questions, please email me, Peter Llewellyn, on and I'll happily help.

    Are you looking for MedComms Freelance services?

    Email me, Peter Llewellyn, on and so long as it's relevant I'll arrange to email the list of registered Freelancers with your message. This is sent as a generic message to all MedComms freelancers who have asked to be alerted. You need to be as detailed as you can be in your message and in particular be clear about whether you need someone to work on-site, and if so where. Freelancers will then contact you directly if they can help.

    This service is entirely free of charge to clients.


    Many of the individuals listed are specialist medical writers, and there are also editors, proof-readers, account managers, project managers, publication planners, strategic consultants, event organisers and designers amongst others. Note that this Workbook service began as an extension of the MedComms Networking Community which started life as a UK-based community and has since widened its remit, hence many of the freelancers are currently based in the UK. However the list is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, and clearly very often - though not always - geography doesn't matter now. All the freelancers who are subscribed to the MedComms Workbook are listed here in the Workbook Directory.


    NOTE: we ran a survey of all list subscribers in August 2016 to help determine the effectiveness and value of the service. The data presented here are just some of the pooled results which will hopefully help all parties, freelancers and clients, to better understand the profile of the current service. [Download PDF report here]


    "The MedComms Workbook is a simple and swift way of connecting with the right people at the right time. It supports a rich community of freelancers and agencies. It really is a no-brainer to sign up! It's certainly helped me find business in the last year."

    February 2015, Hannah Bridges, Health Content Specialist

    "The MedComms Workbook has been superb for me when I'm trying to fill the gaps between big projects. I've picked up new work and made new contacts in the process. I highly recommend it to freelancers everywhere."

    February 2015, Linda Edmondson, Medical writer, editor, project manager

    "I've used the Workbook to gain business on a few occasions. I think it's a great idea and a practical simple tool to connect the freelance community with those who need med comms support. Keep up the good work."

    February 2015, Dave Peters, Medical publications and communications professional

    "Matching up clients and freelancers is a challenging task. The MedComms Workbook is an efficient and easy way for clients to find suitable freelancers. In return, freelancers not only benefit from new projects but can also develop relationships with new clients. A win win situation for all."

    February 2015, Wendy Smith, Medical writer and communications professional


    "Peter quickly sent out a request on my behalf, and by the next morning I had several writers, all with excellent credentials, who were willing to help out with my urgent project. This is an excellent service, which I will certainly use again. In addition, I have recommended the MedComms Workbook to my clients when they have needed additional writers."

    March 2015, Jane Mason, Brighter Writing

    "We had an overwhelming response, thank you! Sent off a request in the evening and had 2 or 3 excellent candidates before 9am the next day. Great system!"

    March 2015, Dan Buckland, Brandcast Media

    "MedComms Workbook has allowed me to get in touch some amazing medical writers as part of our freelance team. They have great experience and knowledge which we will draw from. This is a service I'd recommend to anyone."

    February 2015, Erin Gillman, Fine Healthcare

    "We have found the MedComms Workbook a useful tool to look for potential medical translators on short notice. The messages are often passed along to colleagues, which is a very helpful way to spread the word. My only wish would be that more medical communications specialists in different countries were involved. We are always looking for medical translators around the world who are based in their home country and translate into their mother tongue, so please do get in touch. Thank you Peter for organising such a great service!"

    February 2015, Joanna Laurson-Doube, Mother Tongue Life

    "We used The MedComms Workbook when we encountered a sudden and very tight deadline on a launch project we were working on. Peter Llewellyn responded very quickly, and sent an email out to his bank of freelancers. The response was amazing, with about 10 or 15 great freelance writers responding. Although we didn't use any of them in the end, we are very pleased that we now have the names of some very talented people, who we can call upon in the future. It is an amazing service, all the more so because it is free!"

    February 2015, Heather Sharrock, MASS

    "Through the MedComms Workbook, we have developed rapid relationships with new freelancers who have had the right expertise for our needs, which has definitely helped us win new business."

    February 2015, Jackie van Bueren, Communigen


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    Regular workshops, free of charge, for freelancers and anyone who wants to work as a freelancer. All welcome.



    All MedComms Freelancers are welcome to attend the MedComms Networking meetings organised by NetworkPharma. These meetings are free of charge and provide valuable opportunities for education and networking.

    Informal local activities for freelancers:

    For Cambridgeshire/East Anglia in the UK, contact Jen Lewis

    For Central Scotland in the UK, contact Lorraine McMurdo

    For Cheshire in the UK, contact Lisa Stewart

    For Kent in the UK, contact Jane Tricker

    For Leeds in the UK, contact Fiona Weston

    For London (NW) in the UK, contact Corinne Swainger

    For Macclesfield in the UK, contact Mary Goodsell

    For Newcastle in the UK, contact Mary Greenacre

    For North Wales in the UK, contact Sarah Birch

    For Oxfordshire in the UK, contact Jenny Fanstone

    For Paris in France, contact Amy Whereat

    For Sussex in the UK, contact Michael Shaw

    If you organise relevant local activities for MedComms Freelancers, do let us know by emailing Peter Llewellyn and we'll help spread the word.

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